TG1 non-contact infrared thermometer

The TG-1 Infrared Temp Gun is a great basic unit.  It is our most affordable Temp Gun, yet it maintains the same great accuracy and durability of our more expensive units.With a range of -27F to +428F (easily switchable to -33C to +220C) and MAX/MIN/LOCK modes, the TG-1 will meet the needs of 95% of users, professionals and hobbyists alike.

The TG-1 unit comes preset with a default emissivity setting of 95E. Whether shooting engine temperatures, food prep temperatures or animal basking temperatures, the TG-1 is a terrific and reliable Temp Gun at an amazingly affordable price! (And it includes a wrist strap!)

Strongly consider adding the MC1 metal case to your order. It includes an extra battery, as well as a belt retractor. Having a secure, safe spot to keep your Temp Gun in is an easily overlooked consideration. We highly recommend the cases, as do our satisfied customers!

Range -27°F to +428°F (-33°C to +220°C)
Accuracy ±2°
Field of View (D:S Ratio) 1:1
Accuracy ± 1.8°
Modes Max/Min/Lock
Emissivity 0.95E
Battery CR2032
Battery Life 40 hours continuous use (auto off after 15 seconds
Display LCD
Dimensions 25 x 35 x 95mm
Weight 36 grams with battery
Warranty 1 Year